Welcome to the home of Raven TV!

We are a staff/student run club at Eastside SS

Eastside Graduation Ceremony, June 29th 2023 at 4pm.  Click here to view.

Mr. Doyle’s animation class is proud to present this culminating activity.  Angelina’s animation on mental health is touching.   Click here to view

Jack.org Mental Health Presentation, May 26th @ 12 noon

Click here

Dec. 12th – Boys’ Basketball:  Eastside vs Trenton

start time at 4:15pm


Junior Boys Soccer Highlights from Bay of Quinte Finals



highlight Reel, Junior Boys Football


Eastside Sports Highlight – Oct. 6th, Girls’ Rugby



Eastside Graduation Ceremony 2022 – June 29th @ 10am

March 11th – Boy’s Basketball Finals @ Eastside – Junior and Senior Games – Livestream starts at 12noon click here

March 10th – Boy’s Basketball Semi Finals, Junior & Senior Livestream starts at 4:30pm click here

March 9th – Girl’s Volleyball, Junior Game – ESS vs North Addington – game starts at 3:30pm – click here for livestream.

Feb. 28th – Girl’s Volleyball, Junior game – ESS vs Trenton  Livestream starts at 3:45pm  Click here

Feb. 24th – Boy’s Basketball livestream.  Livestream starts at 2pm – Eastside vs P.E.C.I. Junior and Senior teams. Click here

Feb. 23rd – Boy’s Senior Basketball livestream at 5pm. Eastside vs Centennial click here